i am not google. please do not send me messages asking for things that you could literally google in 0.2 seconds.

also, please do not ask how much money i make off redbubble/storenvy/etc. i will delete your question.

If you're going to send me an ask, please read the FAQ below! 

If your question is not listed below feel free to ask away!


1. Have you ever had one of your tee designs removed from redbubble?

  • this is probably my most frequently asked question on tumblr
  • yes, i have
  • the way i generally avoid them getting taken down, is i don't tag them with anything or title it with a copyrighted character's name
  • i know it might be difficult for you to get your design out there without tagging it, but the way they monitor content on rb is through the tags and titles (aka searching), so if you don't tag it etc they usually will not remove it
  • and if it is your original design (meaning you drew/created 100% of it), you can file a counter notice at the copyright section on redbubble, do a little googling
  • however, if you file a counter notice, a lot of the time redbubble will send it to the original reporter (so if it's an actual company reporting you and not some mean dickwad troll you might be screwed) and they can take legal action against you
  • you might be better off listing it at society6

1.5. I ordered something off redbubble and I was wondering if it could be delivered by ______?

  • this is kind of attached to the first one (but not really idk) and it gets asked a lot
  • i have absolutely no control over when things are shipped on redbubble. it all depends on when you order it and if it's the holiday season. redbubble gets super busy around the holidays and a lot of orders get delayed in the manufacturing stage
  • i also have no control over the time your shirt is in manufaturing
  • shirts can usually take up to two weeks to arrive, if ordered on the average weekday not around the holidays

1.5.5. "i saw someone reported me for re-posting some of your art?? but i found it on google and your url was on the corner???"

  • that is not credit. my url in the corner is not credit. that is a watermark. used to identify the art in case someone steals it.
  • re-posting the art is the same as stealing. i literally do not care if you found it on google and "thought it was funny". you stole my art and i'm going to report you for it.
  • it literally takes .05 seconds to reblog it from the source. if you can not find the source use google's "reverse image search" and it should find it for you.
  • there is literally one giant warning in my blog description. do. not. re-post. my. art.
  • you will not get a warning. i will report you and you can run the chance of getting your tumblr account suspended.

2. What do you use to draw your doodles?

  • I use photoshop. sometimes i use photoshop elements 5.0 but other times i use cs6

3. Are you taking requests/When are you?

  • i only take requests when i have the time or if your request is really funny and i can't resist
  • i usually take requests on hannibal fridays so try me then

4. What tablet do you use to draw with?

  • I use a Wacom intuos pro. it was pretty pricey. about $450 with tax
  • i would recommend getting one of the beginner intuos models if you're just starting though, those will only run you about $70-$100

5. What is your otp?

  • one does not simply have one otp
  • yeah but generally i ship johnlock, frostiron, superhusbands, science bros (avengers), hannigram, and capsicoul
  • i only tag johnlock and frostiron
  • for other things that i tag (regarding trigger/content warnings) please see my about page!!!

6. Where do you live in Michigan?

  • Obviously I can't tell you exactly where I live, I would have stalkers watching me from my windows at night. I live in the middle of Michigan. Almost exactly, actually. Well, I live about 20 minutes away from Central Michigan University

7. Hey, Geo! Have you seen the picture of Benedict Cumberbatch holding up what appears to be one of your Sherlock doodles?

  • Yes, yes. I have seen it. I think I actually shat myself when I first saw it. But, sadly, this glorious picture does not belong to me. It belongs to this lovely person right here. They originally doodled that picture in their notebook on a train ride there, then they met Benedict and asked him to take a photo with it. Don't go bugging them about it either, I'm sure they're sick of hearing about it. :)

7. What does "geothebio" even mean?

  • i have no idea i made it up because i wasn't really involved in fandom when i first joined tumblr and i couldn't think of anything creative. actually, "geo" has been my internet name since i was in 7th grade, so that's where it originated i guess

8. Why do you reblog pizza so much?

  • i fucking like pizza deal with it

9. Why didn't you do my request? I sent you one but why didn't you draw it?

  • Okay, here's the thing. I get a shit ton of requests. And I mean shit ton. I only ever do the ones that are either completely insane but just insane enough to work, or the ones that get requested multiple times in one sitting. If I don't do your request it means that I don't like the idea or it's already been done. PS: I do personalized birthday requests, but only if i have the time.
  • also please check the sidebar to see if requests are closed before sending any thank

10. I sent you an ask but you didn't respond. Why?

  • This goes along with the previous question. If it gets asked multiple times at once, I'll answer one and publish it for everyone. I get 50-100 asks a day, so I obviously can't answer everybody, I'm sorry. I have a Twitter if the matter is really pressing, I'll generally answer everybody there.
  • also if you repeatedly ask me the same exact question and it is one i do not want to answer, i will not answer it. especially if you start to get rude about it.

11. Where did the fiesta dicks go? They're gone from your header all of a sudden!

  • my mom found my blog a while ago and she made me get rid of the dicks. but i'm slowly but surely integrating them back in, so be on the lookout for surprise dicks on random pages

12. How do you pronounce your URL?

  • idk however the fuck you want it to be pronounced
  • some people pronounce it so it rhymes and some don't

13. Where can I buy your Buttons/Charms?

  • over at my storenvy! geothebio.storenvy.com
  • if it says it's under maintenance its because i'm either closed, entirely sold out, or i'm dealing with too many orders at once to keep it open
  • also i generally close around christmas

14. What's your redbubble?

  • redbubble.com/people/geothebio

15. Where did you get that Benedict Cumberbatch blanket???

  • i made it at walmart's photo center on their website. they don't ship outside the US so you may have to try cafepress or snapfish, or somewhere similar. do some googling.

16. where did you get your button maker?

  • i use the 1 1/4 inch button maker from americanbuttonmachines.com

17. where do you get your prints done for cons?

  • i get them done at printdirtcheap.com

18. this isn't a question that's been frequently asked, but guys please don't send me things about politics for signal boosting (petitions and stuff) i always get stupid people who get really pissed off at me and i don't really want that

19. do you do promos??????

  • no, i do not

20. what ever happened to mystery man?

  • basically he never spoke to me again after the lunchroom thing and then i graduated so now i will probably never see him again in my life
  • such a sad life i live

21. wh A T thE FOx sAY?? ?? ?

  • the fox says shut the fuck up i'm tired of getting this question

22. Where did the whole Sherlock/Mermaids thing (Mermaids are a serious issue) come from?

  • It was drawn into one of my original doodles from way back in the hay day. I was kind of in an art rut and I needed new ideas, so I decided to have Sherlock and John go swimming, but Sherlock doesn't want to because he's afraid of the mermaids. (because when you're a consulting detective and a fucking genius irrational fears are perfectly normal)

23. what cons are you going to?

  • please see my cons page

24. hey can you tag "_____" please?

  • if you want something specific to be tagged, i can be sure to tag it for you, just ask!!! ♥
  • also, please see my about page to see what i already tag!

25. Hey, I want to order pins from your storenvy, but they're sold out already? How can I buy pins???

  • if everything is sold out, it either means that my store is closed, or that everything sold faster than i could restock 
  • i will most likely be announcing when it will re-open in both the store description and on posts i make on my tumblr/twitter
  • i can not take special orders or reserve orders

28. Why do people call you Steve?

29 why do you have a donate button?

30. this isn't a question, but please don't send me those annoying chain messages ("post 10 facts then pass it on", "you've been tagged answer these questions then tag others", etc), i will not answer them and i will delete them.

31. hey are you coming to ____con??????

  • i have a cons page right here
  • i will normally answer these questions, though
  • if it's not on the "cons" page i will most likely not be attending! things may change, though!

32. this isn't really a question but hey if you're helping run a con and you want to invite go right ahead, man. as long as it's not all the way across the united states (meaning it's in the midwest somewhere) i could probably go. i am literally always accepting invites to cons