Warning Hiddleston Fans - DAMAGE CONTROL ON TWITTER - Your Choice





ON FRIDAY 15TH JUNE at 8PM GMT a series of tweets will be sent out to Tom Hiddleston all containing the post “EHEHEHEHEHEHE.”

I’m being dead serious when I say that THIS IS A STUPID IDEA


Fandom. Seriously. He’s already off of Facebook due to the poor decisions of one: how do you think the decisions of 1000 + will come off? It may completely turn him from social networking completely. 

We do NOT want Tom Hiddleston under the radar forever. 

I personally love his classy tweets, his Song of the Day, and his praise for his other fellow actors and friends. I do not want to see him leave due to the poor choices of a few 1000 fellow Tumblrs. 

So please, fandom, do the classy thing and do not TWEET HIM TO DEATH. 


It would be such a shame to see him go. Okay? Reblog to stop the madness, not to inform. SAVE THE TAG and SAVE HIS TWEETS. 

So, upon hearing more about this twitter thing, I have to agree.

I personally think it’s a terrible idea and completely unnecessary. The only thing that it’s going to accomplish is likely spam and annoy the poor man.

ESPECIALLY if the tweets only contain; “EHEHEHEHEHEHE.” That’s the dumbest thing…

I have an idea: how about we all just continue following Tom on twitter, supporting his work, loving what he does, and being thankful for the wonderful, inspirational person that he is.

Silently. On our blogs. Away from him.

Supporting him. Being good fans for once. Yeah.

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    hate fandom 80% of...time. YOU LEAVE THE ACTOR ALONE. Yes, he’s
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    In the words of Grandmaster Flash, DON’T DO IT
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