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Sorry, I'm British and stupid, how big is a dollar coin relative to say a 2p coin?

I have no idea.

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  1. awakeningonmars said: i think a quarter and a 2p coin are pretty similar in size - so 2p would be about the same as a dollar coin.
  2. cerseiously said: About the same size :)
  3. womanaconda said: An American dollar coin is 26.5mm in diameter; a British two-pound coin is 28.4mm. Thanks, Wikipedia!
  4. keasbeydays said: Maybe you should just do a picture with one in your hand? Or even measure the diameter.
  5. whimsicaldiplomat said: Try taking a picture with one in your hand or something. Hands are pretty universally hand sized
  6. sir-not-appearing-in-this-blog said: Americans don’t really rock the dollar coins
  7. some-creepy-person said: They’re about the same size. I’m Canadian and collect coins :P
  8. guinansbighats said: An American quarter is about the same size as a ten pence British coin.
  9. brentseabrookshair said: 2p is about the same size as a quarter.
  10. somenerdygirl said: Much bigger, which is why Americans rarely bother with silver dollars at all. (A 2p coin is the exact size and shape of a US quarter.)
  11. cupofteaandspirit said: its more like a 1p coin size.
  12. littletinydoom said: roughly the same size. slightly smaller.
  13. cacen said: whoa since when were there dollar coins
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