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If Tom Hiddleston was my psychologist he'd probably be apologising over and over again for driving me crazy with his perfection and hiddleness. All this while being extremely polite and helping me to cget back to normal. But that would only make everything worse, I guess.

It’s a viscous cycle.  

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  1. lizgeek said: I don’t know how to explain this without sounding like a pompous ass, but this post legit made me fall over laughing because I know for sure you meant to spell it “vicious,” and not “viscous” cause viscous means thick and sticky. ANd I DIEDDDDD.
  2. everybodylovesapianist said: haha viscous. Typos are fun. Assuming it’s a typo of some sort :\
  3. altruisticmorgan said: I’d be experiencing /his/ ‘viscous’ cycle if you know what I mean.
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