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...take a percentage out for every sale. Trouble is, so does PayPal, so you're stuck getting charged twice. Recently, I stumbled upon a great, free, extremely customizable site for online shops called Storenvy. Better than Etsy in terms of customer service, you can make your shop look however you want, and they don't charge you for listings! It's less traffic, obviously, but since the majority of your buyers are going to be via tumblr anyway, it's really a no-lose. Anyway, that's all. ♥

OOh! I’ll be checking this out! :D
omg THANK you, though

i hate listing prices on etsy… 

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  1. krisderp said: Storenvy is what Reapersun used to sell Wreck on. Maybe ask her about it if you have questions. :D Good luck either way Geo. I’m super excited to throw my money at you for pins.
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