okay i know i don’t usually post personal things


i am so sick of my family always fighting

like, it seems that every god damn night they’re fighting over something so ridiculously fucking stupid

and it’s not that my parents fight with each other

it’s that my brother starts fights with my parents

on purpose

so now my dad’s all pissed off at everybody becasue my brother wanted to watch “it’s always sunny in philadelphia” and my dad wouldn’t let him because my brother is was too damn young to watch this kind of shit so my brother started screaming and blaming them for all this shit because he didn’t get his way

in other news i can’t wait to get out of the house

except i probably won’t be able to for 5 or 6 years because my parents never set up a fucking college fund and now they expect me to pay for it myself

and finding a house/apartment and living cost


i’m going to download some smut and go to bed early

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  1. jomarch said: What people already said: financial aid, community college then transferring to a 4-year college, and in-state tuition are all ways to make things work. And these usually cover living expenses, too (ie room and board). That said, family fights suck.
  2. tanzaniteflight said: Definitely look into financial aid and scholarships. The government lets you take out some loans by yourself. Also, scholarships that require essays actually do not usually have a lot of applicants, because, well, essays are boring as frick.
  3. megsamforever said: You know, one way to make college affordable is to go to a community college for two years and then transfer to a four-year university. Whatever you do, even without a college fund you’ve still got options. *hugs*
  4. bumblebison said: I’m sorry that your family is fighting. We’ve never spoken but I really like what you do, is there a way to make you feel better over the internet maybe? Sorry if I’m being weird
  5. dexteritydave said: My mother and her sisters are the same way. I cut the lawn for them one time and next thing I know they’re not speaking for a year and a half *shrug*
  6. thecandiednewt said: Don’t worry about college! There are loans, grants, and scholarships. Every talent should and can do it: collegeandfinance.com/3… I hope you feel better!
  7. nickiplums said: While I can’t claim to know exactly how you are feeling, I understand the emotions attached to being in the middle of family arguments. I’m sorry that you have to go though this, but just know that you aren’t alone.
  8. chilope said: i’m sorry D:
  9. theeternaltimelord said: I’m sorry Geo :( good luck with everything <3
  10. whyisthatopen said: You could probably win lots of art grants from your school. Look into that. Just a suggestion.
  11. kittenskaboodles said: I know how you feel. <3 I didn’t find out I didn’t have a fund until my senior year, so I just suddenly needed to make lots of money. *sends ALL the hugs*
  12. jackpowerx said: I’m sorry about all of that. /hugs/ My parents didn’t do shit to help with my college, so I didn’t finish the first time. Now I’m going deeper into SL debt to get my degree 20 years after the fact. I’m totally with you.
  13. sleepysarahzzz said: college can be affordable, and living on campus as well as meal plans can be covered by loan, just time consuming to apply for scholarships… scholarships.com/financi…
  14. somedumbpunk said: I send you internet hugs because that sounds shit and you deserve better :(
  15. clickroman said: You can talk to me if you want, imma be a nice follower. Because you need somebody to talk to right now. Don’t hesitate…
  16. fionnrose said: I send you many Tumblr hugs. This sort of crap happens in my house all the time because of my 12 year old brother. He wants something, Dad says no, brother screams, mum wants to give him what he wants, mum and Dad start fighting. Family can be aweful
  17. martinjfreeman said: come to argentina, it’s super inexpensive to study and i’ll lend you a couch hahah *hugs* it’s all fine darling, go to bed and some fanfiction will help.
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    geo i am sending you a thousand billion hugs and also this
  19. ilovetextingandscones said: Smut and cookies. Get cookies. Cookies help me when my family are being totally assholes.
  20. bumbleshark said: maybe you could rent a flat with someone? Sorry about your troubles
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