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pardon me, 6'1.5" if I am accurate. I mean I'm like 5'5" so anything over my head is delightful. but still. he looks so damn TALL.

I KNOW oh my god

i’m only 5’2 so he would TOWER over me anyway

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  1. ihadnointentiontoblog said: I had a friend who was 5 foot and one half inch (apparently this is important) she use to date a guy who was 6’4”. IT was adorable. As my others friends step-mum says , “we’re all the same height lying down.”
  2. sebastian-motherfucking-moran said: Isn’t Hiddles the same height as Ben? Who is the same height as me, which is six foot and half an inch.
  3. cinematicelasmobranch said: eeeek! That seals it. He and I are meant to be :p I’m 5’9 so I prefer to date guys over 6’. It doesn’t seem that tall to me…then again…my brother is 6’9 :p
  4. ohlookacannibal said: he’s the same height as me ; u ; or like an inch taller
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