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You were at NJCL this summer, right? I remember someone mentioning they met you, which is how I found your blog.... anyhow, are you going to come back to NJCL as an SCLer? You mentioned you were a senoir, so...

uh no

and i’ve never actually met any of my tumblr fans/followers in real life except for my friend jo’s friend james that one time i was at rayne’s house for his 18th birthday

we had avengers ice cream cake

and i don’t even know what NJCL is

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  1. iagoinaducksuit said: fucking latin kids.
  2. malcolmiavellian said: NJCL is a Latin/classics convention. I know you weren’t there because I was and I would have flipped out.
  3. hrunting said: National Junior Classical League, I assume. aka Latin Club. (anon is not me, btw)
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