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So what's all this that's apparently going down in the Loki fandom?

The Thor2 twitter account lied about new pictures of Loki from the set. Twitter took action against it and took the account down because it was a fake.

A bunch of people were also blaming Tom Hiddleston of all people for the lie. Now a bunch of people are pissed, as they should be. But they shouldn’t be pissed at Tom at all, it’s not his fault in the least. People need to stop spamming/bugging him.

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  1. winchestercaptains said: Supposedly there were death threats to Tom as well.
  2. gotloki said: It was mostly because the Thor2 account said Tom was directly involved. It was just a whole lot of confusion and fans being hurt.
  3. carbomcoco said: ooooooooooooh i was wondering what that was about i only read his tweet and i was scared he wasn’t going to be in the movie or something thanks for clearing that up
  4. karkat-the-sufferer said: Isn’t the Thor2 account a fake as well? I’ve heard things about that…
  5. wolfgibbson said: I haven’t seen tweets from him in days. I feel terrible for him. Also sad, and a little worried. Celebrities are just people, and a lot of folks don’t seem to get that.
  6. i-likeyourattitude said: All the fandoms are going crazy at the moment. We’re like animals that need to be fed… Pictures of film sets :) (can you make your ask reblog able) :)
  7. grumpybutts said: is it just me or are the fandoms getting more bonkers than normal lately?