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As much as I love your drawings, I do find you a /bit/ arrogant from time to time. Your blog is really great, but the fact that you consider yourself as Tumblr famous is a tad sad. I know you have a lot of deserved subscribers, but I never liked the concept of Tumblr famous, as I don't like the concept of being famous in real life. Don't you think it just puts more distance between people?

It’s not like I wanted to be Tumblr famous, it just happened. And I don’t really consider myself “famous”, I’m just a regular person like everyone else who sits in their house and blogs all day. And sometimes I draw.

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  1. juststark said: What’s wrong with you? She’s great and has an awesome shits because she’s creative—VERY CREATIVE ASDHGAF. Everyone won’t be surprised if some people—or maybe herself claimed her blog as “tumblr famous”. Stop your disgusting behavior. Have a nice day
  2. dapperstiel said: this anon is a bit rude. You didn’t choose the fame life, the fame chose you!
  3. mosbysyellowumbrella said: Wow. I really believe that arrogant is the VERY last word I would use to describe you. You’re awesome! <3
  4. yusahana6323 said: This sounds a lot like friends who are not my friends anymore.
  5. frostyaussie said: except wow you’re the least arrogant person on the internet
  6. fartroulette said: Bitch please. Geo, you are Tumblr famous, and I love you and your stuff. Keep being awesome, senorita.
  7. internhamish said: It doesn’t really matter in the end how Tumblr famous any of us is, and the weirdest part of this Anon’s message is that it’s all arbitrary. Just ‘cause they don’t like “the concept of fame” doesn’t mean you’re arrogant. You could be way worse. <3
  8. queerqueensansaarchive said: I feel like it wasn’t you who even started calling yourself tumblr famous. People kept telling you that you were and eventually it’s just like “well okay if you say so then I guess I am.”
  9. codexana said: they’re just jealous
  10. jenovasilver said: Hey man, don’t feel bad about your fame..shit just happens. Continue being you and if anyone has a problem, they can unfollow you.
  11. queenofthemindpalace said: I DISAGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY WITH THIS ANON! you *are* tumblr famous, geo! my friends and i talk about you like my fellow fans talk about benedict cumberbatch <3 p.s you’re amazing and whenever i visit you blog for your doodles, i giggle uncontrollably
  12. moonaay replied:
  13. wolfgibbson said: Maybe this is projection? You see someone ‘famous’ and project your bias onto Geo, because of your feelings toward what you consider ‘fame’. That’s what I get from this. But hey, maybe I’m biased against anon, because of how it’s used.
  14. thegreatnessideserve said: Dumb anon is dumb.
  15. apples-only said: And that anon’s message is not arrogant at all xD
  16. whathasbeenlost said: wow this anon is a peasant
  17. tedkordisanasshole said: Anon, she has 20 000 followers. You can;t get much more tumblr famous than that
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