You're in marching band too? Thats awesome! What instrument do you play? And your band is so small X3 Mine is like 170 people

I play clarinet :D

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  1. kawaiidesucharlesdarwin said: YOU’RE IN BAND?! AAAAAAAAAH. GO BAND
  2. thedoctordraws said: Omg people why do you make me feel bad about the size of my band. ;__;
  3. mighty-imagination said: I had 3 friends that played the clarinet. They all quit ಠ_ಠ (I however still play the flute when I can.)
  4. benedictcrumpetbatch said: You play clarinet? Hi, my name is Vanne and I love you!! (I own two clarinets and Im always happy if theres someone who shares my hobby xD )
  5. icestream20 said: can we just appreciate the fact that i play clarinet in marching band and have a small band;;
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