Today is a trenchcoat kind of day. (Taken with Instagram)

10 Oct 12   +  74 notes

  1. tokillarockingbird said: Even in Australia it’s a trench coat kind of day today.
  2. adirtyshisno said: That coat is amazing!
  3. giftigeregnbuer said: I just squealed because we have the same jacket. I dunno what my life has come to
  4. ideasareanadventure said: EVERYDAY IS TRENCHCOAT DAY. Once you accept that, there is no going back. :)
  5. greasers-in-space said: yes geo, yes it is. I live in the metro detroit area, and it’s rainy and miserable here. how’s it in your part of the state?
  6. provocativeandpoor said: YOU ARE SO PRETTY! ( and i love your trenchcoat)
  7. secretlythedoctor said: Everyday is a trench coat kind of day
  8. sweetsoursaucywolf said: ugh youre so attractive *-* like literally ohmydog