i just want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has ever bought anything from my redbubble shop because it wasn’t until i actually had to file income taxes this year, because i’ve made nearly $7,000 holy shit, that i realized that there are literally thousands of people walking around with my art on their bodies

and tons of people have come back to my shop saying that they loved my stuff so much they just had to buy it for their friends


you guys are the best

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  2. wibblywobblysexywexy said: no problem! your mind sherlock’s mind palace tshirt has seriously helped me make fandom friends like from out of nowhere and I’ve had people at school randomly yell at me I LOVE YOUR SHIRT when I’m wearing it
  3. nevyns said: Wearing the shirt I bought at Almacon today, just walking around in your art. :3
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    I’m wearing my ‘I do what I want’ Loki shirt right now. :D
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