‘Sherlock’ exec Mark Gatiss: ‘Fall reveal will be worth the wait’


Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss has admitted that he was surprised at the reaction to the show’s second series.

The BBC detective drama’s most recent run showed Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) appear to plummet to his death, only to later reappear unharmed.

“I’ve never known something become such a public talking point,” Gatiss, who also plays Mycroft Holmes, told The Guardian.

The actor and writer promised that the eventual reveal of how Sherlock survived would be “worth the wait”.

“There’s some very clever theories, some of them elaborate, and I enjoy them all,” he said. “But if I were to tell you if someone had worked it out then it wouldn’t be a secret.”

Asked if any of the fan theories were correct, he added: “It may be, sort of, in some of the theories. There’s a lot of very clever people out there.”

Sherlock exec Beryl Vertue recently announced that a third series will begin filming in early 2013.

The second run of three episodes concluded on January 15, pulling in an overall audience of 9.78m for BBC One.

hahaaa, so this sounds as if people have indeed worked it out…but then I think of Micheal Price saying that he totally isn’t sure he got it…hmmm…questions, questions. somebody get Mr Cumberbatch drunk and ask him…hmm, or maybe he and Martin both don’t know because benedict is such a bad liar and Martin happens to blurt out spoilers in really bad moments :p

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