the cutest assassin to ever hit the streets (besides natasha of course)


[text-less version also available]

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i’d like to think that if steve pulled hard enough on bucky’s robot arm that it would just kind of pop out

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hey look another mini giveaway! here are the rules:

1. you must be following me (i will check)
2. no giveaway blogs seriously
3. must be 18 years or older (or have parent permission if younger)
4. you must have your ask open so I can contact you, and you must respond within 24 hours of contact or I will choose someone else!
5. both reblogs and likes count
6. only one reblog please
7. if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!
8. please do not remove the description/source
9. this giveaway will end on saturday, april 12th, 2014

10. i ship worldwide! there will be two winners, and each winner will get to choose 4 of the above 8!

the pins are all 1” in diameter and can be bought (apart from the cap, you tried, and thranduil designs) on my storenvy


a bit of a better picture of the captain america earrings i made!

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I made some earrings!

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spoiler alert: they fucked up

except hulk. hulk is adorable.



i guess i didn’t really have an avengers design with all of the avengers on it (including coulson) so i went ahead and made one

i actually really like how this came out and i’m seriously considering printing this on tees for youmacon this year, if enough people will buy them


basically an avengers version of this

click through the image for the redbubble link

hawkeye version coming soon

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Here’s the finished rebloggable version.