hey look sherlock fabrics! (you may need to click the images to enlarge them)

fabrics are available on spoonflower but they won’t be available for public purchase until i get proofs made and approved

also, please do not sell anything you make from this fabric. please use it for personal use only (this can also include gifts for friends!). if i find that you are selling things you make from any of my fabrics, i will not make them available for public purchase anymore. please do not ruin it for everyone. don’t be that person.

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Sherlock gets a little out of hand with the hashtags

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hey look another mini giveaway! here are the rules:

1. you must be following me (i will check)
2. no giveaway blogs seriously
3. must be 18 years or older (or have parent permission if younger)
4. you must have your ask open so I can contact you, and you must respond within 24 hours of contact or I will choose someone else!
5. both reblogs and likes count
6. only one reblog please
7. if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!
8. please do not remove the description/source
9. this giveaway will end on saturday, april 12th, 2014

10. i ship worldwide! there will be two winners, and each winner will get to choose 4 of the above 8!

the pins are all 1” in diameter and can be bought (apart from the cap, you tried, and thranduil designs) on my storenvy



no. freaking dorks. why must u do this. bye.

(source: Sherlock Facebook)

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BBC Sherlock mini pins! Each pin is 1 inch (2.3cm) in diameter and comes with a metal pinback so you can pin them of stuff! But don’t pin them on your skin!!!

$5 for a pack of 5 pins over at storenvy!

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mini giveaway!!

here are the rules:

  • this giveaway will end on saturday, march 29th 2014
  • you must be following me (i will check)
  • you may only reblog once
  • both likes and reblogs count
  • you must be 18 years or older or have your parent’s permission to be giving me your address (i don’t want to get sued okay)
  • there will be two winners, each winner will get to choose four out of these eight pins shown
  • each pin is 1 inch in diameter (they’re pretty small)
  • no giveaway blogs, i will check
  • you don’t have to pay shipping, and i ship worldwide!

as i create more mini pin designs i’ll do more mini giveaways!

so hey if you guys want cool sherlock themed tees for $11 check out unamee today! these tees will be up for 7 days!

hey guys my murder shirt is up on unamee today only for $11!

you should check it out!

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hey guys my “murder” tee will be up at unamee at midnight tonight for 24 hours only for $11! it’ll come in purple, light blue, and heather gray!

i’ll make a post later on tonight with the different colors being shown and a sizing chart, but i’m just warning you ahead of time if you’ve had your eye on this shirt but don’t want to drop $30 on redbubble!

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want a super rad t-shirt for only $11???

then look no further! “the sociopaths have the box” is available for seven days (which means it ends next saturday and then it’s gone forever!) and comes in light blue, green, and heather grey!

buy it here!

there are also a bunch of other rad doctor who shirts available in this section!

if you’re going to order one in a ladies size, please take a good look at the sizing chart, because their ladies sizes tend to be a little boxier than normal ladies’ tees!

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