sherlock sticker pack!

i’ll have a few of these sticker packs at dashcon this july, but you’ll have to wait until after that to get them on my storenvy

19 Jun 14   +  226 notes

my “murder” design is now available as a throw pillow!

18 May 14   +  455 notes

hey look sherlock fabrics! (you may need to click the images to enlarge them)

fabrics are available on spoonflower┬ábut they won’t be available for public purchase until i get proofs made and approved

also, please do not sell anything you make from this fabric. please use it for personal use only (this can also include gifts for friends!). if i find that you are selling things you make from any of my fabrics, i will not make them available for public purchase anymore. please do not ruin it for everyone. don’t be that person.

13 Apr 14   +  141 notes

BBC Sherlock mini pins! Each pin is 1 inch (2.3cm) in diameter and comes with a metal pinback so you can pin them of stuff! But don’t pin them on your skin!!!

$5 for a pack of 5 pins over at storenvy!

24 Mar 14   +  91 notes

more sherlock pins woo!!

these will be available on my storenvy soon, as a whole set of 8 and as individual pins.

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srsly john